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BA in Management & Liberal Arts

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Multidisciplinary Studies
with a Deep-Dive in Entrepreneurship

The BA in Management and Liberal Arts degree will provide you with a relevant, comprehensive education in management studies, combined with a rich foundation in the humanities and social sciences. Offered as a joint program by Tel-Aviv University’s management and humanities faculties, this degree will give you a competitive advantage in a global job market seeking employees with multidisciplinary academic training.

  • Double-major in Management and Liberal Arts in 3 years.
  • Experience specialized courses in Israeli and Global Entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Choose from 7 unique study tracks in the Liberal Arts to learn critical thinking, writing, and analysis skills.

Year 1

Building Blocks

Core courses

  • Critical Theory
  • The History of Ideas
  • From Pythagoras to Google
  • Business Economics
  • Organizational Behavior

Year 2


Choose 2 tracks in Liberal Arts

  • Digital Media & Communication
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Israel Studies
  • Life Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Literature

Year 3

Make It Happen

Get hands-on & specialize

  • Semester Abroad
  • Internship & Mentoring
  • Specialize in Management & Innovation

The Start-Up Nation’s
Academic Center

TAU Lowy International School offers a career-inspiring, unique opportunity to study management in Tel Aviv, a world leading entrepreneurship hub.

Hands-On Managerial

Make industry connections with a hands-on approach to managerial studies through a variety of industry-rooted clubs and opportunities.

Best of Both Worlds

Study a curriculum that will give you the foundations to succeed in today's world: the humanities/social sciences together with management studies.

Be a Global Citizen

Participate in a multi-cultural classroom in an environment that will expose you to a world of experiences.

Student Stories

Asher Dayanim


Lee Tzanani


Ariana Fricke


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