Go Beyond
the Classroom
at TAU

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Our Student Life Team

Our international Student Life Team is a core unit that will help you get settled at TAU and become integrated into Israeli and campus life. The team consists of a group of Student Counselors (“Madrichim” in Hebrew) who live in the dorms and are there to give you the practical day-to-day support you may need, during your time at TAU.

Arrival &
orientation day

Upon your arrival, our Student Life Team will welcome you and will coordinate your first week of activities, including a student orientation and more. There you will meet your peers and key staff members, receive important information about life in Israel, and a review of campus guidelines and regulations.

Health & Safety

Your health and safety is our top priority at TAU. The Student Life Team is on call 24/7 and you may reach out to them directly for an emergency or if you need to make a doctor’s appointment.
Our staff is committed to your well-being during your stay at TAU. If the need arises, our staff will be in ongoing communication to share important updates or instructions regarding COVID-19 or any other issues that may arise.


All our full-time students are eligible to live in our housing, pending availability. We have the Einstein complex adjacent to campus and our new student city, the Broshim complex, about a 10-minute walk from campus. Whether you choose to live on-campus or in the city center, the student life team can guide you on any questions or issues that you may have about living in Tel Aviv.

Peer Support
& Social Activities

Besides sharing local tips and useful information about Tel Aviv and Israel, our Madrichim will organize social activities and excursions in Tel Aviv and across Israel. They will have an active role of immersing you in getting to know the various aspects of Israeli culture, holidays, and social norms. So, get ready!

Campus Life

As a student at TAU, you will discover that our campus has something to offer just about everyone: Museums / galleries / modern-sports facilities / botanical and zoological gardens and plenty of greenspaces to wander about between study sessions. Libraries are also abundant – you just need to choose from any of our 14 faculty or departmental facilities. Or just visit them all!